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Peter Sibner, MPT

Physical Therapy

42 Summer Street, Suite 306, Pittsfield, MA 01201  

My Philosophy

I believe that physical health comes from a complex balance of many systems within the body. We are not a bone, a muscle, a nerve or connective tissue; indeed, any injury must impact many different systems in the body. Treatment of any one system in isolation will bring limited results and will require much longer healing time than therapy that focuses on balancing multiple systems.

By using a variety of techniques to address a variety of systems, you will have a faster, more complete resolution to your injury. While everyone's body is different, I expect that you will experience a significant improvement in just a few sessions.
Peter has 30 years experience in manual therapy techniques developed to maximize function, flexibility and strength in a variety of settings including sports medicine, orthopedics, yoga practitioners, dancers and actors.
Office hours on Wednesdays, by appointment.